With more than two hundred miles of beaches to explore, you will never be far from a beautiful stretch of sand when you stay in a Jamaica luxury hotel. There is plenty to see and do on the island, but on those days when nothing but a book and a suntan will do, you have an enviable choice of beaches to consider.

Doctor's Cave Beach

This beach once played host to a beach property owned by a local doctor, hence the name. It differs from many others on the island because it requires a small fee to gain access to it. However the beach is famous among those who know Montego Bay well, which is where it is located. There are many amenities nearby too if you travel from a Jamaica luxury hotel to get here.

Negril Beach

Otherwise known as Seven Mile Beach – purely because that is how long it is – there are many reasons why this beach is well worth a visit. If you long to wander along miles of sandy shores instead of simply laying on them, this is the perfect destination to choose. It is popular among those who live here as well as those who visit, and everyone is very friendly. Enjoy jerk grills and wander into the cool blue water for a swim whenever the mood takes you.

Boston Bay Beach

If you want to book into a Jamaica luxury hotel that has ample surfing opportunities nearby, look for one close to Boston Bay Beach. It is known for its undercurrents, providing the perfect storm for those who are brave enough to handle a board and stay upright on it. It is not restricted to experienced surfers though – those of all levels can be found here enjoying the scenery and the waves.

Blue Lagoon Beach

Perhaps one of the most famous beaches that Jamaica has to offer, this is so called because it has a lagoon that is an amazingly deep blue. The lagoon drops to an incredible depth of 180 feet. The beach itself is several miles long and is home to a gorgeous restaurant on the waterfront.

Long Bay Beach

On the eastern side of Jamaica you will find Long Bay Beach. This is a more relaxed and laid back beach, offering seclusion and the perfect venue to relax all day and top up your tan. You may find the ideal Jamaica luxury hotel nearby, so you don't have too far to wander to get to the beach each day.

No matter where you decide to stay on the island, you will always have a list of beaches to choose from that are nearby. They are all quite stunning in their own way, and while some are more relaxed and quieter than others, you will always be able to find the perfect one for your own needs. With jerk grills, reggae music, happy locals and plenty of people having a good time, it is hard not to fall in love with this part of the world.

Source by Cheryl Matthews